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You will now start the process of creating your fundraising page and team. In order to register you will need to follow a series of steps. Your registration will not be complete until all steps have been finished.

Step 1: Read How it Works

In order to understand how the Great Bike Giveaway Works you should review the "how it works page" and ensure that you understand the rules.

Step 2: View the Bikes

Take some time to learn about each bike. Each child is different and a bike that is best for one child may not be best for another. We strongly suggest you consult with a physical therapist to help you choose the right bike. Remember, once you select a bike and finish registration you will not be allowed to switch bikes.

Step 3: Registration

Once you have completed the previous steps you are ready to register and begin fundraising for an adaptive bike.

Registration opens February 10th. Please check back soon!