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Great Bike Giveaway for Organizations

Now schools, non profit organizations, and companies can join the Great Bike Giveaway and help children and teens with special needs in their communities receive an adaptive bike.

Organizations will be able to set up a special page where families can set up a fundraising account and raise money for a bike under the banner of a participating organization. Additionally, Schools and organizations can create their own fundraising pages to raise money and receive adaptive bikes of their own.

Organizational Benefits

  • Join a national campaign to promote inclusion and create opportunities for children, teens and adults with special needs.
  • Your organization will receive a customized Great Bike Giveaway landing page with your own URL.
  • Each participant that joins under your organization will display your logo.
  • You will have opportunities to help children and families from your area join the great bike giveaway and get a much needed adaptive bike.
  • Create your own fundraising page and raise money for bikes for your own organization.
  • You will join with us and the thousands of visitors over the course of the Great Bike Giveaway to help bring bikes to children with special needs all over the country.

Organizational Requirements

  • Register online at GreatBikeGiveaway.com
  • Send emails to constituents in your community about the ability to raise money for an adaptive bike at a discounted price.
  • Share the campaign on your social media platforms.

Support Provided

Friendship Circle will provide all the tools, resources, and support necessary to help you get the word out about the Great Bike Giveaway to Your Audience.

Sample Email

Having trouble thinking of what to say? We got you covered. Send an email to your community letting them know that they can get involved in a special campaign. Here is some text you can use in an email.

Hi {first name}!

Imagine never being able to ride a bike with your family or not having the chance to ride with friends? For a child with special needs, riding a bike is much more than exercise, it's about making them part of the crew.

As you may know, there are thousands of children with special needs that are in need of adaptive bike.

We’ve partnered withFriendship Circle's Great Bike Giveaway, to offer a platform where you or a family member can raise money for a discounted adaptive bike. 
Today you can give your child or someone you know the feeling of freedom and independence -- all it takes is one click:
Get started at {insert your custom url here}

Six Benefits of the Great Bike Giveaway Platform

The Great Bike Giveaway provides many benefits that will make it easier than ever to secure a bike for a child or teen with special needs.

1. Discounted Pricing

2. Raising Together

3. Amazing Fundraising Tools

4. Marketing Help

5. We help you reach your goal

6. Matching Opportunities