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Luna Hendrickson

Fundraising for Luna H's Rifton Small

Hello, my name is Luna! I'm a spunky 3 year old that likes to keep my parents on their toes. I love being outside and feeling the wind on my face. Sometimes I even try to eat it... delicious! When we go on walks on the greenway by our house I giggle when my wheelchair rolls over the bumpy bridges. Now that I'm getting bigger, I really want to learn to ride a bike. As a disabled kiddo, I know that means a regular ol' bike isn't for me... but that doesn't mean riding a bike isn't for me!

With your help, I can win a Rifton Bike thats adapted to meet my needs! This means I'll be able to ride with other kids and experience the outside world in a whole new way. Watch out wind... I'll be chasing you soon!

Thank you for helping me. It means the world.


Luna has quad cerebral palsy with minimal trunk and head support. At three, she’s the age where we’d be looking at her first tricycle, but her disability means it’s not possible for her to ride a bike or trike unless it’s adapted for her safety and support. Luna loves being outside and feeling the wind. We’d love nothing more than to be able to enhance her experience of the outside world with an adapted bike.


Fundraising Progress
$3,085 raised of $2,700 goal


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