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Meredith Lochbaum

Fundraising for Grayson L's Josi Stroller/Bicycle Trainer

Imagine never being able to ride a bike with your family or not having the chance to ride with friends? For a child with special needs, like our son, Grayson, riding a bike is much more than exercise, it's about being just like other kids.

As you may know, Grayson, has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy (CP). He’s is always a happy, loving-life, smart young man who loves to be outdoors, but doesn’t have a chance to get out and play the way most kids his age are able.

We’ve joined the Great Bike Giveaway in an effort to collect enough votes to win an adaptive bike.

Today you can help give Grayson the opportunity to ride a bike.
Grayson needs an adapted bike that can provide him the support he needs. We have been considering the JOSI-Stroller/Bike for a while. The features that would be helpful for Grayson are:

♥ Canopy (due to his visual impairment and sensitivity to light)
♥ Padded armrests
♥ Padded 5 point harness
♥ Foot bench
♥ Recline option (to help slow down this hip displacement)
♥ Headrest, Lateral Supports, and abductor cushion

This may be our only chance for a stroller/bike for Grayson because the JOSI adaptive bikes costs $7000. This particular adaptive bike/stroller will also allow us to continue to run as a family. This jogger would give Grayson the opportunity to participate in all of these activities with us.

You can help give Grayson the feeling of freedom and independence -- all it takes is one click.

Please take a few seconds to vote and help us get the most votes (to qualify for a random drawing). One click helps give Grayson a chance to be entered into the drawing.

Thank you!

My son Grayson needs a very supportive bike . We have been very interested in the Josi for a long time. Not only are mom and dad runners (Grayson also participates in half marathons with us) we have considered purchasing but the $7000 cost is something we can not justify. We are a biking family as well. The Josi allows for all the padding and support for his CP, gtube dependent and his visual impairment.


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