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Julie Mcgill

Fundraising for Grant M's Rifton Large

It would help develop his functional mobility skills and perhaps get him walking more independently.  

It would help develop his functional mobility skills and perhaps get him walking more independently.


Grant walking on 2.29.2024 (Must expand to full screen)

When Grant was born, we had no idea what the future held for him. As a baby, he was often fussy and had trouble eating. By the time he was 6 months old, we noticed he wasn't hitting the same milestones as other kids his age, so we started Early Intervention to help him catch up. Before Grant turned one, it became clear that he faced significant challenges in his development. He's 12 now, and despite countless tests and doctor visits, we still don't have a clear diagnosis for his disability. His condition affects his ability to walk, talk, and eat normally. Last year, he even had seizures triggered by flashing lights, which were frightening for all of us. Grant has worked incredibly hard to make progress. He's now able to stand and take small steps with support. He's eager to become more independent, and we believe learning to ride a bike could be a big step forward for him. As Grant learns to ride, it will help him build strength, improve his balance, and boost his confidence. These skills will make it easier for him to get around and enjoy more freedom in his daily life. We were fortunate to win a bike in a random drawing back in 2016, but Grant has outgrown it. Now, at 12, he needs a bike that fits him properly. We're asking for your votes and support to help Grant win a bike that meets his current needs. Donations received this year will go toward getting Grant the bike he deserves, as we're determined to make it happen for him. Your support will make a huge difference in Grant's journey toward independence and empowerment. Thank you for considering Grant's story and for your support!


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