Chad Jr was born with a rare disease called Med13L. When he was a month and a half old he coded on us, and we had to perform CPR. Thankfully we were able to revive him before paramedics arrived. He was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy among other things. He suffers from very high tone, which causes more difficulties in every day tasks. One area where we see difficulty for him is riding a bike, which is a huge milestone for children. Having access to a bike that he can ENJOY with extra support would be monumental. In addition to his Med13L and CP diagnosis he also had a large VSD that required open heart surgery to repair at 4 months old. To say the least, this boy has faced so many challenges. However, I made a promise to him that we will LIVE our lives WITH him and he will feel included in any and everything. Having this bike will allow us to provide him with more opportunities. We appreciate your support!!