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Alexis Watters

Fundraising for Alexis W's Mobility and Access Duet

Alexis is an amazing outgoing young lady that just loves to be included. We are slowly finding her niche as she grows and she currently loves to play softball with The Miracle League and run with ASA
(Athletes Serving Athletes). I would love to be able to have this as an add on at home to give us the ability to get out in a different manner and enjoy our towns outskirts more often. It would be a blessing per my own inability per disability to be able to incorporate a different mode of exercise without having to use my arms as often per pushing her in her stroller. I'd love to be able to lend it out as well to the other parents with children as mine for them to be able enjoy some freedom.

We love the outdoors and live in a great little town. I have myself Thoracic Outlet Syndrome so being able to use my legs for our recreational enjoyment and give my arms a break per. pushing and pulling would be awesome. We bought her a new rifton bike 12 years ago and left it at school for her PT and they "lost it. She currently plays softball with miracle League and runs with ASA and this would be an awesome thing to be able to lend out to the other parents to enjoy some freedom.


The Salvation Army

The Miracle League



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