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Rifton Large

Rifton is a leader in adaptive cycling and the latest redesign of the Large Rifton Trike, is a perfect example of why. This exciting tricycle is designed for ultimate comfort and accessibility with a seat that glides up and down on a low-friction rail, and a carbon fiber drive belt that won't rust or stretch. Also new for the large Rifton Trie are the variable pedal resistance and adjustable brake. The laterals and handlebar can be swung away for easy access and ensure a safe transfer,. The adjustable pedals and straps provide a customized fit and the sandals can even be removed to reveal standard bike pedals. Get ready to experience a whole new level of cycling with the Rifton Trike!
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  • Bike Length: 65”
    Bike Width: 31.5”
    Bike Weight: 65lbs
    Wheel Size: 18”
    Max Weight: 310lbs
    Inseam: 25” – 38”
Included Accessories:
  • Large frame
    Large loop handlebar
    Large trunk support
    Contoured fixed headrest
    Large laterals
    Rear steer with rear handbrake
    Front handbrake
    Large adductor
    Stationary stand
    Shipping Included
More Bike Details Retail Price: $4,600
Goal Amount: $3,200
Canada Goal Amount: $3,200


About Rifton

Since 1977, Rifton has partnered with therapists to design and manufacture durable, adjustable adaptive equipment. Rifton specializes in complex rehab equipment including: Pacer gait trainers; dynamic, supine and prone standers; adaptive or special needs tricycles; special needs positioning and activity chairs for the home and classroom; and a number of other adaptive products.
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