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Micah Tricycle

The Micah Trike is the ideal mobility training and exercise cycle for children and young adults ranging from 5-15 years old (minimum inseam 22"). The Micah was specifically designed to meet the needs of children with Cerebral Palsy, but is also suitable to many riders where balance and support are critical.

The Micah will grow with the child, as the frame length is adjustable as of course is the seat height. Besides the well thought out handlebar system and seat/seat support, the Micah has rear care-giver steering, making it a wonderful tool for all involved.
  • Bike Length (Inches): 53
    Bike Width (Inches): 29
    Bike Weight (Pounds): 40
    Wheel Size (Inches): 16
    Assembly Required?
    fairly simple finishing assembly
    Max Weight (Pounds): 150
    Height Guidelines (ex: 41"-60"): 42"-56"
    Inseam (inches): 18
    Age Range: 4-14
Included Accessories:
  • The trike comes standard with adjustable armrests, caregiver rear steerer control, adaptive platform pedals with straps and so much more.
More Bike Details Retail Price: $1,800
Goal Amount: $1,600
Canada Goal Amount: $1,950


About Worksman Cycles Company

Back in 1898 when Morris Worksman established Worksman Cycles, his belief was that a well designed three-wheeled cycle could replace the horse and wagon by providing a less expensive and more reliable way to move people and products over urban terrain. As it turns out, his philosophy was correct.
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