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Kristen Garvey

Fundraising for Liam G's Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

In 2019 my previously healthy son experienced a viral brain injury. This has caused him to relearn how to walk, jump, run, use his hands and arms. He has regressed developmentally and developed epilepsy and has several seizures per day. He is unable to sit on a regular bike and pedal/steer. It is also unsafe for him because he could fall off if he has a seizure.

Liam's therapists have introduced him to the Rifton trike and he loves riding it at school! We do not get to do much outdoors with Liam because he likes to run and doesn't understand the danger of traffic nor how to get back home. He is also non-verbal and couldn't give his name or any other information.

With a Rifton trike, we will be able to get Liam out of the house more. He will be seated comfortably and able to ride around and enjoy the nice weather outdoors without our fear of him running away or falling. He can ride with his little sister, family, and friends. He has some difficulty steering on his own but the Rifton has add-ons that will allow us to help him with that. With a trike like this, Liam can have a little more fun and be like other kids again!

Due to Liam's brain injury and epilepsy he has experienced developmental regression. He is unable to sit and use a regular bike, even with training wheels. His therapists and PE teacher have put him on a Rifton bike and not only does he love it but it's perfect for him and he can easily pedal. Though Liam is mobile there isn't a lot he can do to play outside due to elopement. These bikes are something we can get him set up in and he can enjoy riding around like other kids.


Liam can't wait for warmer weather so he can get out and ride! Thank you so much everyone!

Liam's bike arrived yesterday! When Rifton found out it would be arriving just after his 9th birthday, they moved some stuff around and got it delivered early!!


Thank you so much to everyone who voted and donated - even though we weren't asking for the funds, Liam received enough for his trike in less than 2 weeks!! We are amazed and touched at the huge response he received. We have already spoken to the Rifton company and they have customized Liam's trike and it should be here shortly after his 9th birthday. What an amazing gift you have all given him! We are so excited to get him out and riding! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Fundraising Progress
$1,850 raised of $1,850 goal


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