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Vraj Purohit

Fundraising for Vraj P's Rifton Large

Vraj is our joy-filled, easy-going sweetheart! His heart belongs to the great outdoors, where he's a true nature enthusiast. Among the various outdoor adventures, bike riding holds a special place in his heart—it's not just an activity; it's pure therapy. The moment he hops on a bike, an instant wave of happiness and cheerfulness washes over him, turning him into a lively chatterbox that we absolutely adore!

Despite facing the challenge of low muscle tone and other medical complexities, Vraj embraces the world of bike riding with enthusiasm. It's not just about physical activity; it's a journey toward enhanced muscle strength and coordination. Beyond its physical benefits, biking is a social activity for Vraj, contributing to his overall well-being. The adaptive features of this bike play a crucial role, offering tailored comfort and safety, not just for Vraj but also for those who care for him.

In the world of wheels and pedals, Vraj finds joy, strength, and the warm embrace of companionship.

Please Vote and Share the link. We appreciate your donations to reach our fundraising goal. Thank you!

Vraj is a happy, easy-going, and sweet boy. He is a true nature lover and Bike riding is his most favorite outdoor activity, as it is very therapeutic for him, making him instantly happy and cheerful. It also turns him into a verbal chatterbox! He has low muscle tone. Bike riding helps with physical activity, improving muscle strength, coordination and social well-being. The adaptive features of this bike are perfect for his individual needs, provides comfort and safety for him & caregivers.


Sunny day wishes.. Awaiting for the bike! :)

Hello everyone! 5 more days to go until Voting ends. Please keep sharing the link. Thank you all for your support!


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