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About the Lil' Excelerator 2

The Lil' Excelerator-2 Handcycle is stable, very maneuverable and is safe for even the first-time handcyclist. The 3-speed hub includes a reverse coaster brake which is great because your child’s hands will be positioned on the handpedals ready to stop. Transferring in and out of it is very easy with its low to the ground frame design. Totally adjustable, the Lil' Excelerator-2 Handcycle will fit children 42″ to 60.” It features a simple fore-aft (forwards/backwards) sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and a straightforward crank height adjustment.

Standard safety features include: reflectors, chain guard, footrest safety straps, safety flag, cushion, parking brake and seat restraint. The Invacare Top End Lil' Excelerator Handcycle-2 is totally adjustable and ready to go.
Lil' Excelerator 2 Specifications:
  • Bike Length: 58"
  • Bike Width: 30"
  • Bike Weight: 32lbs
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Max Weight: 150 lbs
  • Age Range: 5+
  • Height Guidelines: 40" - 60"
  • Minimal Assembly
Lil' Excelerator 2 Included Accessories:
  • Reflectors
  • Chain Guard
  • Footrest Safety Straps
  • Safety Flag
  • Cushion
  • Parking Brake
  • Seat Restraint
  • Additional Options Available:
  • Horizontal Handpedals - $75
  • Mirror - $30
  • Water Bottle and Cage - $35
  • Front Safety Light - $25
  • Rear Safety Light - $25
Retail Price: $2,175
Goal Amount: $1,975
Canada Goal Amount: $2,300
*Canada Goal includes additional shipping charges


About Bike-On

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