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Jo-Ann Gaipo-Dasilva

Fundraising for Skylar D's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Hello! I’m hoping you all can help us. If you have met my daughter Skylar then you know she is special in her own way. Her smiles lights up a room and it’s so pure, shes funny and smart but also has her struggles. And some things that are easy for some is hard for her. Skylar has always struggled in trying to ride a bike and we keep trying but trying to balance herself and have the strength to pedal and steer is a lot for her. So we are trying to get entered in an adaptive bike raffle. I truly think she will love riding a bike but just needs some support to get it done. So with this said if you could vote for Skylar I’d appreciate it we need 50 votes to get into the raffle and if we don’t get picked we are also doing a fundraiser to raise the funds for the bike. So anyone wanted to donate it would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance!!

Skylar has never been able to ride a regular bike but I think she would love it if she was able to ride one. She needs a adaptive bike because she has a hard time keeping balance and trying to pedal at the same time


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