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About the Duet Wheelchair Tandem Basic Model

The DUET Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem has been around for 20+ years in North America. Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you pick the right model Duet for you and your loved one to get you outside and start enjoying the outdoors like never before!
  • Bike Length (Inches):
    The overall length of the Duet when bike and wheelchair connected with footrest connected 105"
    Bike Width (Inches)

    Wheelchair Seat Width 18"  /  Overall width of Wheelchair 26"
  • Bike Weight (Pounds):
    Wheelchair Weight 60lbs  / Bike Weight 27lbs / Overall 80lbs
  • Wheel Size (Inches):
    26" Wheels
  • Assembly Required?
    95% Pre-Assembled / 30 Minutes of Assembly / Assembly video available
  • Max Weight (Pounds):
    275 Wheelchair and 275 bike riders = Total 550 lbs
  • Height Guidelines (ex: 41"-60")
  • Inseam (inches): NA
  • Age Range: All Ages
Included Accessories:
  • Blue Frame bicycle with 8 Speed Shimano Nexus Gears
    26" x 1.75" Bike and Wheelchair Tires
    Yellow Wheelchair Seat with Adjustable & Removable Footrest
    Wheelchair/Bicycle Quick Release (so wheelchair can be used independently or easy transport)
    Adjustable Folding Backrest with 3 Position Seat Angle
    Adjustable Lap Belt
    Adjustable Handlebars
    Removable & Washable Seat Upholstery
    90mm Twin Drum Brakes
    Wheelchair Parking Brake
    Bicycle Coaster Brakes
    Chain Guard
    On-Board Tools
    Duet Basic Model
  • Blue Frame bicycle with 8 Speed
    Shimano Nexus Gears
More Bike Details Retail Price: $5,690
Goal Amount: $4,995
Canada Goal Amount: $5,570
*Canada Goal includes additional shipping charges


About Mobility and Access, Inc.

Mobility and Access, Inc. (formerly Frank Mobility Systems, Inc.) has an experienced team to provide families all over the US, Canada and Australia with quality innovative adaptive recreational equipment. For over 20+ years Mobility and Access, Inc. has been importing and distributing adaptive cycles manufactured by the Huka company in the Netherlands. We offer safe supervised cycling such as the Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem design for young and old; the wheelchair is detachable and can be used separately. The Orion Twin Tandem Cycle a side-by-side tricycle that offers recreational fun and therapy. We also offer independent cycles like the City Trike a 3 wheeled tricycle and the Cratos Recumbent Cycle the most powerful powered assisted recumbent cycle in its class.
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