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Norma Evaristo

Fundraising for Lauren E's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Our sweet girl just turned 14 and we are going to try to win her first adaptive bike! We introduced her to her first training bicycle a few summers ago but she started having some other medical issues like epilepsy/seizures a few months later where she has lost some of her strength, balance and coordination. She is now on several seizure medications and still on rigirous therapies for her muscle tone due to her diagnosis of Dup15q, hypotonia in addition to developmental delays, seizures and LGS.
She is the most hardworking girl but we also came to a realization that she may not be able to ride a bike on her own for she is still not able to control the wheels independently.
Thank you in advance to all your votes and donations for a chance to winning and having Lauren's first adaptive bike!
Much Love!

Lauren who is turning 14 tomorrow 2/28 is a very sweet girl who is diagnosed with Dup15q, Autism, LGS, Hypotonia, Develeopmental delay. She has been on qyite a bit of therapies since she was diagnosed at 11months old and thankful she is able to walk. We started buying her bike a few years back but because she started having seizures on her teen years, she has lost a few of her balance. She is still able to walk but we came to a realization that she may not be able to ride a bike on her own.


She loves the outdoors 🩷


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