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Kyla Melnyczenko

Fundraising for Kyla M's Mobility and Access Duet

Hi Kyla Supporters!

OG Kyla supporters might remember the bike giveaway we tried to do years ago when Kyla was small! Back then we tried to come in 1st to win her one! Kyla had articles written about her in the paper, Eric went on the radio to talk about it, and we did everything we could think of! We came close, but with the price of bikes, completion is tough and she didn't win!

This time, as long as you get 50 votes you can be entered to win one, also!

We can also take donations towards the cost of a discounted bike if she doesn't win. But, they are still pricey! Even with the discount the one we are trying to win for her would be just under $5k!

Years ago we fundraised for a Taga bike (see her pic below!) and used that for years, but she's recently gotten too big for it and we'd love to be able to get a new one for her to ride with family! Eric and Ky used to head to our local bike path and take long rides, and we'd love for her to be able to do that again when it gets nice!

The price of special needs equipment is astronomical, so winning one is often the only way for a lot of families!

Thanks so much! ◡̎

Kyla, Lynn, and Eric

Kyla grew out of her favorite family bike that we've had for years. She'd love to be able to take long bike rides with her Dad again! Having a Duet would great and give her the ability to take family bike rides again!


Kyla riding on her old Taga that she's outgrown!


Fundraising Progress
$5,160 raised of $4,995 goal


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