The Basics

Friendship Circle works with adaptive bike companies from around the world to secure discounted pricing, making it easier for families to raise money for a bike. The Great Bike Giveaway offers a fundraising platform for families of children and teens who are in need of an adaptive bike.


February 1, 12:00pm

Great Bike Giveaway Registration Opens

March 7, 12:00pm

Great Bike Giveaway Registration Ends.

March 21, 12:00pm

Great Bike Giveaway Fundraising Ends.

*All times are Eastern Time

The Process

Step One: Decide on the appropriate bike for your child.

Step Two: Register for the Great Bike Giveaway.

Step Three: Start Fundraising

Step Four: Reaching your goal.

Step Five: Fundraising for others.

Six Benefits of the Great Bike Giveaway Platform
Three Most Asked Questions About The Great Bike Giveaway