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Heather Reta

Fundraising for Mia R's Rifton Large

Mia participated in the Great Bike Giveaway 10 years ago and we were able fund her a much needed bike to increase her independence. She has since outgrown that bike and we have donated it to another special needs family. Mia very much needs a new bike so she can gain strength doing something that she loves. Thank you for the support, the votes, and the donations!! It is very much appreciated! Love, Mia and Family

Mia needs a bike to allow her to have fun outside while gaining strength and independence!


It’s been 10 years since Mia received her 1st bike she has since outgrown! Thank everyone for the all the donations so far. We are still quite far from our goal. Please keep sharing and voting! Voting ends in just a few days.

Mia 3years old when she received her 1st bike!


Thank everyone so much for voting, donating, and sharing Mia’s campaign!! She is now eligible for the drawing but the more votes and donations the closer she will be to getting her bike!! Please keep sharing you are making a difference to Mia!! ❤️❤️❤️


Fundraising Progress
$5,200 raised of $3,200 goal


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