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Sandra Skiles

Fundraising for Connor S's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Connor is 11 1/2 and has non verbal Autism. He has an older and younger brother and enjoys going camping and doing things outdoors with his family. The only way Connor can go along on bike rides is to be pulled in a small child’s pull along trailer which he is too big for. We have tried but Connor lacks the coordination and understanding to ride any sort of bike on his own. This is one of the few things we’ve seen that brings Connor joy and excitement and we’d love to see his big smile more often! We are not asking for any donations as this bike is very expensive. We are just asking for 50 votes to get a chance at the bike drawing!! Hopefully Connor wins the drawing and can finally enjoy bike rides with his friends and family!

Connor has tried and we have tried to teach him but he is unable to ride a “normal” bike. He loves traveling and riding. We go camping a lot as a family and it has become extremely hard to find a way to take him along with us on our family bike rides. We would love to get something for him so he could be part of the family and enjoy bike riding like other kids!


2020- Daddy helping Connor. He kept letting go of handlebars and pedaling backwards. :)

2017- Big Bro helping him “ride”


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