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Benecykl Jogging Stroller / Bike Trailer

Benecykl strollers are an ideal choice for all active parents who are looking for safe and reliable transport equipment for sport activities. Benecykl strollers offer maximum security through its durable construction for the passengers. Our emphasis is inclusion and supporting healthy child development.
Benecykl come in 3 Size:
"Baby" Small (up to 4' and 90 lbs) "Junior" Medium (up to 5" and 140 lbs) "Max" Large (up to 6" and 170 lbs)
Your fundraising goal will be the same regardless of size.

  • Bike Length (Inches): 45 to 62
    Bike Width (Inches): 30.5
    Bike Weight (Pounds): 30 to 40
    Wheel Size (Inches): 6" front wheel / 20" rear wheels
    Assembly Required? Full Assembled
    Max Weight (Pounds): 90 to 170 lbs
    Height Guidelines (ex: 41"-60"): 4' to 6'
    Inseam (inches): na
    Age Range: na
Included Accessories:
  • Benecykl Bike Trailer and Jogging Stroller Comes in 3 Sizes. Baby, Junior or Max Frame: Red or Blue
  • All models include the follow:
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
  • Chest Fixation Grey
  • Headrest
  • Lateral Support (1 pair)
  • Padded Seating
  • Canopy and Mosquito Net
  • 20" Rear Wheels with Drum Brakes
  • 6" Front Swivel Wheel
  • 12.5" Front Jogging Wheel
  • Bicycle set with fender plus 2 bicycle adapters
  • Joggers Pouch
  • Small Backpack
  • Raincover
  • Wheel bag
  • Flag and Pole
More Bike Details Retail Price: $4,520
Goal Amount: $4,100
Canada Goal Amount: $4,350


About Benecykl

Since 1999, Benecykl Ltd. has engaged in the development, manufacturing and sale of sport strollers for your favorite outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, jogging or in-line skating.  The strollers are dedicated to children as well as adolescents with physical disabilities. All our strollers and trolleys are characterized by easy handling, lightweight design and a high level of safety.
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