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Jennifer Spoor

Fundraising for Aubree S's Rifton Small

Hi everyone! This is Aubree! She's an incredible 9 year old girl who suffered a stroke in utero when her twin sister passed away. She's had a hard road with many medical issues early on and was just recently diagnosed with Crohns Disease. She is so very strong and works hard every single day of her life to do things we do so easily. Aubree LOVES playing with her younger brother and sister. She so badly wants to do the things they do. One of these things is riding a bike with them in the summer. Her physical therapist said she loves the one at school and we're hoping to get her one of her own. What joy it would bring to all of us to see all 3 kids riding bikes together, to see her included in something so normal. Please vote for her and tell your family and friends to vote for her too. If you have the ability to donate, we'd be incredibly grateful as well. Thank you ❤️

Aubree is a very cognitive 9 year old little girl who loves riding a tricycle at school. She has a younger brother and sister who ride their bikes while she's walks in her gait trainer. She always wants to do what they're doing and I know she would love this so much.


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