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Dagan Almond

Fundraising for Dagan A's Benecykl Stroller/Jogger

Dagan would love nothing more than to be able to do what her siblings do. This includes playing outside! We have reached a point where she no longer fits in a regular jogging stroller because she is too tall. Winning this jogger/bike trailer would be a dream for her and our family! No child should suffer because insurance does not cover recreational equipment that would bring them such happiness. Not to mention, the market for adaptive equipment is marked up by a ridiculous amount.
Thank you for voting and sharing :)

Dagan is unable to walk or sit unassisted. She is one of four children, whom all love being outside. As she continues to get taller, she can no longer fit in a regular jogging stroller which means she cannot hike with us through trails or ride bikes with her siblings.


Long legged Dagan outgrowing her current jogging stroller. We are so thankful for the votes and donations :) Please keep spreading the word!!


She loves being pulled in a bike trailer but as you can see, her legs are squeezed in tight :) Thank you for supporting her!


Fundraising Progress
$6,100 raised of $4,100 goal


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