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Samuel Cardona

Fundraising for Samuel C's Benecykl Stroller / Jogger

Samuel is a boy who was born with Trisomy 15. He was diagnosed when he was 7 months old. Trisomy 15 is a very rare syndrome. Due to his condition, he does not speak, suffers from seizures, has low muscle tone, and has lost the ability to walk. He enjoys being outdoors and we think this stroller will be a great help to him. We will enjoy it as a family and for us it will be a blessing.
Thanks to everyone who donates and votes. God bless you.

Our son enjoys being outside but due to his condition and the lack of the proper equipment to take him outside, we can only walk with him for short periods of time We are sure with this bike our trips to the park will be great and our son will really enjoy the rides. Looking forward


His 9 Birthday 🥳


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$660 raised of $4,100 goal


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