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Gene Niess

Fundraising for Quinn N's Worksman TR16-FD

Quinn has epilepsy and has about 10-12 seizures per day. She absolutely loves riding her bike and the freedom that provides, but she is not able to do it because of the constant threat of having one and it throwing her off her bike. This bike would give her that freedom and enjoyment back. Thank you for your vote and/or donation!!

She has epilepsy and has about 12 seizures per day. She cannot ride her regular bike because they knock her off and she falls down. This would be so amazing for her!


Fundraising Progress
$740 raised of $675 goal


Recent Donations

1. Kenny Hublitz
2. Kaley Pfohl
3. Jim And Janice Lowe
Ride On!!! On behalf of Frank Towers!
4. Kevin O'Quinn
5. Jinelle Reynolds
6. Kristin Hoffman Shelton
Everyone should have a fabulous bike!