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Julieann Manley

Fundraising for Nicholas M's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Nicholas is an active, kind and caring 14 year old boy that loves being outdoors. He enjoys spending times with friends, movies, the swings, trampoline, and especially riding a bike. Nicholas loves to ride, and ride fast. Unfortunately, due to his disability, he can no longer ride safely with a traditional bike. An adaptive bike would help him continue to enjoy riding, but keep him safe, which is his parents and loved ones main concern right now. We would love to be able to provide him with a bike of his own.

Nicholas is an active 14 year old boy. He can no longer ride a 2 wheel bike safely, due to his balance and lack of awareness to his surroundings. An adaptive bike would provide this safety, especially should he have a seizure while riding .


Check out these wheels!

Nick loves riding during riding club. ❤️


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