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Maya Nieder

Fundraising for Maya N's Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

Hi everyone! We're excited to get an adaptive bike! She uses (and loves) this bike at school, and this model should grow with her through adulthood. Thanks for stopping by and cheering us on :) If you're not familiar with adaptive equipment, take a spin around this site and check out the different adaptive bikes that help make bike riding possible for everyone! -Dana

Maya loves to play outside and ride around with her little brother, but she has outgrown the "little kid" bike that she used in the past. "Big kid" bikes are too tall and unsteady for her---but she *loves* riding the Rifton bike at her school. She is able to zoom around, and the wide base, seatbelt, and pedal straps allow her to do it independently. We're looking forward to having an adaptive bike for her to use at home, so that she can ride with her brother and friends in the neighborhood!


raised of $1,775 goal

Recent Donations

1. William Conrad
It is a pleasure and privilege to donate to Maya
2. Collin And Emerson
Go Maya Go!
3. AnneMarie Ryan
Can’t wait to see Maya on her bicycle!
4. An Aunt & Uncle
5. Carolyn Zorzopian
6. Mary McCormack
Maya is going to have so much fun on her new bike!