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Lauren Pallone

Fundraising for Kendall P's Benecykl Stroller / Jogger

For those of you who know her personally, know that Kendall loves rollercoasters, sledding, and anything that involves going super-fast. For her 13th birthday we are trying to earn enough VOTES to get her an adaptive stroller/bike trailer with the ability to convert to a beach stroller and ski stroller.

Can you imagine the full body laugh and ginormous smile Kendall would have given the ability to go to the beach and skiing? These are currently places where her wheelchair cannot get her access to.

For those of you getting to know Kendall she is almost 13 and has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Kendall does not have control over her 4 limbs, is in a wheelchair, non-verbal and tube fed. Due to her limited ability to move, Kendall likes being in equipment that is freeing like adaptive strollers, trampoline/bounce house, the water, snow tubing, & rollercoasters (safely). She loves the outdoors (we always called her a nature baby when she was little), and we want to broaden our ability to take her places to provide the best possible experiences we can for her.

We are incredibly grateful for the advancement in technology and devices that allow Kendall to be able to participate in activities she normally would not have access to.

Thank you for your support and taking the time to VOTE!!!

To help gain her access to more areas (beach) as well as be able to go on outdoor adventures (run/bike) with Mom and Dad. Kendall loves being outdoors, and this will provide her another way of transportation out of her wheelchair.


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$390 raised of $4,100 goal


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