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Inman Stratton

Fundraising for Inman S's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Inman is an outdoor enthusiast! He loves to go camping, paddle boarding, and hiking. For several years he has accessed bicycling on a 3-wheeled, seated, hand-steered bike that his grandparents gave him. He has outgrown that bike and is looking for a new one that can help him achieve greater distances. The tandem is a perfect fit for Inman and will allow him to cycle with his parents and siblings on the trails.

Inman has general coordination and muscle tone/strength issues associated with this genetic condition. He can, for example, steer as long as he does not have to pedal, or pedal but loses focus with steering. He has used a ground-level tricycle with hand-steering in the past, but has now outgrown it. In order to complete longer distances with his siblings and parents, the tandem is ideal.


SUCCESS! Supports of Inman...you did it! Today was incredible: the local story in the paper followed by both small and large donations from community members, neighbors, family, and friends. We really did not expect Inman to reach his goal so quickly. Unbelievable! You are all amazing! Much gratitude from Inman and the rest of the Strattons.

To all of Inman's generous voters and donators - thank you so much! We received a donation from a local friend and neighbor this morning that put Inman past the 75% fundraising mark. All of your donations - large and small - are contributing to this success! If you are local in Moscow or Pullman and haven't yet seen the Daily News article about Inman's campaign, check it out: https://dnews.com/local/family-seeking-a-bicycle-built-for-two/article_51d0ce8a-9eb5-57ec-8383-5c8d2fd32dd2.html Thank you all for your overwhelming generosity. There are still 6 days left to vote for Inman (voting ends March 29th). Please share his campaign with friends and family and encourage them to vote!


Supporters of Inman, Wow! Your generosity is unparalleled! In just over a week, you have contributed $1800 (here at this site) + $430 (at GoFundMe) to Inman's fundraising efforts. Let's keep rolling! Here's our challenge headed into the St. Patrick's Day/March Madness weekend: Let's get to at least $2500 on this page, which combined will send Inman over the 50% fundraising threshold. Here's how we'll do it: 1. Share Inman's campaign widely with friends, family, and strangers, and ask them to support Inman with small dollar donations of $5 or $10. Think of all the folks you'll hang with while celebrating St. Patty's Day and college basketball this weekend... 2. Then, commit to "completing a 100": Each time we hit $80 in donations, you "complete a 100" with a $20 donation. Message me on Facebook or Instagram or text me to let me know you'll be a "complete a 100" supporter. I'll let you know when it's time to donate. Also, don't forget to vote and canvas for Inman! Thanks so much, The Strattons


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone who had voted for and/or donated to Inman's quest for an adaptive bike. We are inching up the vote leader board for the Freedom Concept Tandem and moving closer to the ever important halfway mark for funding. Please share Inman's campaign with your friends and family and encourage them to vote. Voting ends March 29 and fundraising ends April 18. More updates to follow... Thank you so much! The Strattons


Fundraising Progress
$6,000 raised of $5,850 goal


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