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Jennifer Mccall

Fundraising for Ingrid M's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Ingrid is a bright and shining 6 year old girl who is active and independent! She loves to be outside and has really enjoyed her supportive tricycle. She’s outgrown it and needs a new bike! We tried several commercial bikes, and they aren’t quite supportive enough considering her physical disabilities.

I’m thankful for the Great Bike Giveaway so Ingrid has a chance to win a bike! Or we can fundraiser for the cost of the one specifically for her. As with most special needs equipment, it is so expensive! Please vote for Ingrid, donate if you can, and share! 💜💜💜

Ingrid is very independent and wants to ride a 'big girl bike' very much. We have tried to see if a typical bike would work, and because of the hyptonia, she is just not able to. We would love to get a bike for her that she can use with the family and like her brother.


Fundraising Progress
$5,500 raised of $5,400 goal

Recent Donations

1. Wendy Kettler
2. Lydia Fowler
I am proud to be a part of this blessing. Love you guys. Lydia
3. Susie And Jesse Shockley
Can't wait to see Ingrid on her new bike
4. Toni Johnson
5. Sharon McCall
6. Kira Mueller-Bostick