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Stephanie Rodriguez

Fundraising for Zoey R's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Zoey was born Pallister Killian Syndrome (PKS). In addition to developmental delays and other health issues, Zoey has low muscle tone. Zoey is 11 years old and LOVES to ride on the back of mom’s bike using a tag-a-long, but is getting too big. She also wants to be able to ride her OWN bike. We have tried a number of options, but she lacks the strength, balance, and coordination to make them work. She needs an adaptive bike. Your vote and/or donation can help Zoey get a bike that she can ride on her own.

Zoey lacks the muscle strength, balance, and coordination to ride a regular bike. We have tried a balance bike for larger kids and she can't do it. She is too big for bikes that come with training wheels. I don't think if we put training wheels on a 24 inch bike that she could manage it yet.


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