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Craig Bickford

Fundraising for Hannah B's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

My daughter Hannah wants to enjoy a simple bike ride with her family SO badly. She needs a special tricycle to do that but they're very expensive so I'm trying to raise the money to get her one. She is our world and this cause couldn't be closer to us - we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can send her on that ride!

-Craig Bickford

Hannah is an autistic 10 year old girl who is also highly epileptic. She has hundreds of absence seizures a day and takes several meds to try and help minimize them but she still has numerous breakthrough seizures, particularly in sunlight. Due to neurological issues & medications, she has tremors in her hands and lacks coordination & motor skills in her legs. This combined with the seizures and autism makes normal bike riding an impossibility.


raised of $2,775 goal

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1. Craig Bickford
Hannah, we're trying so hard to get you this special trike! We need help. Fingers crossed!