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Greta Baksa

Fundraising for Hannah B's Worksman Side-By-Side Electric

Hannah is an 11-year-old feisty, determined girl who loves to be outside and thrives when she is on the move. At one year of age, she was hospitalized with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) where she lost essentially all functions including muscle movement from eye gaze to extremities, feeding skills, and verbal skills. Where many children with this diagnosis recover completely or with only minor neurological deficits, Hannah has been left with multiple disabilities. She has spent countless hours in physical, occupational, and speech therapies along with seeing numerous specialists regularly over the last 10+ years and has worked hard to not let her disabilities define her. She is nonverbal, has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, panic disorder, and sensory processing disorder. Despite her disabilities, she does not like to sit still and is willing to try just about everything. We would love to have a bike to provide her with consistent exercise and activity from home that she can take part in at any time and anywhere we can take the bike. The Worksman Side-by-Side would give her to experience the thrill of biking while providing the flexibility of providing her the ability pedal when physically able or just sit and enjoy the fresh air on her face and not be required to pedal when her body isn’t allowing her to. Can you help give Hannah the joy of biking that every child should experience?


Hannah loves firetrucks and the men and women of our fire department so she had to have a wheelchair costume in support of her friends and heroes.

Racing with Team Hoyt Texas (with her pushers Chris and Lisa)

WCMX with RISE Adaptive Sports

Adaptive waterskiing with RISE Adaptive Sports.


Fundraising Progress
$3,786 raised of $3,700 goal


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