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Amber Echevarria

Fundraising for Haley M's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Haley is the most amazing, strong- willed, beautiful 21 year old on the planet! She was born 3 months prematurely and that resulted in Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and a shunt. Haley has been through some of the hardest medical situations one could imagine and every step of the way, she has smiled and let her positivity shine through. Haley has made everyone around her feel happy and loved and continues to each and every day.

Haley needs a bike because our active family would be even more active if Haley could participate in bike riding. Everyone has a bike except Haley because it is very difficult to find one that would work for her. This giveaway is the perfect way to give Haley the opportunity to ride a bike with everyone else!


Haley with her sister and brother on Christmas.

Haley and her siblings.

Here is a link for the Channel 12 News story about Haley's bike fundraiser. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/community/it-would-be-life-changing-for-haley-help-woman-with-special-needs-get-her-first-bike/77-526765236


raised of $5,250 goal

Recent Donations

1. Jimmy Bell
Glad we could help
2. William Addenbrooke
3. Anonymous
4. Ludi Ghiberto
with love ??
5. RJ Caswell
Enjoy the ride and cheers to your amazing attitude
6. Verard Julien
Enjoy your ride ! from France