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Chris Pendexter

Fundraising for Nicholas P's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Getting Nick a bike is so important to us, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You
Chris & Patrick Pendexter

Nicholas loves to ride bikes, but he doesn't have the muscle strength or coordination to securely do it on a regular bike. He has training wheels but gets scared he will fall even with those. We would love for him to have a bike that he doesn't get nervous on so he can enjoy riding bikes with his brother. Currently his brothers rides his bike and he just walks alongside him, but it would be amazing for him to be able to ride too!


raised of $2,775 goal

Recent Donations

1. Emily Allison
Your boy is such a little champ! Thank you for sharing his story, and hoping he is able to get his bike! Lots of love to you all.
2. Lucy Molina-Ibanez
Only meet Nick for a short time but since then he touched my heart...such an amazing little boy