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Emerson Hamilton

Fundraising for Emerson H's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Benefits of riding a bike:
*vestibular stimulation.
*increased muscle strength and flexibility.
*improved joint mobility and range of motion.
*decreased stress levels.
*improved posture and coordination.
*strengthened bones.

Emerson loves riding bikes! She recently outgrew the bike she had at home which leaves us less options for outdoor activities and movement. We'd love to get a new bike in her size and now it would be put to good use for many years.


Let me tell you a story. A few months ago during Emerson's IEP, I asked her PT if we could get her a bike at school. I had seen other kids with adaptive bikes at school and I knew Emerson would enjoy it and it would also be beneficial. Six year olds need to to move and yet she gets very little movement at school and I thought this would be a great way to incorporate more movement into her day. Well the PT quickly came back with the fact that Emerson wouldn't be able to peddle or work the bike independently. But I knew it would still be beneficial. So rather than arguing, I was able to find a bike for Emerson to borrow. Well she's been loving it, and today she showed us she can and will pedal independently. She just needed to be given the opportunity! So here she is pedaling independently for the first time today. This girl needs her own bike!

Independent peddling for the first time today!!!


raised of $2,775 goal

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Go little Emmy, enjoy your bike!
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Go Emmy! You truly are a star! ??
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Ride with the wind, Emmy!