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Fundraising for Carter G's Van Raam OPair

Dear Friends and Family,
For a child with special needs, riding a bike is much more than exercise, it's about making them like just one of the kids.

As you may know, my child, Carter James Grant has Autism. He is our youngest of 7 and my miracle baby. He was a very big surprise for us later in life. When he was 2, he was diagnosed with Non-Verbal Low Functioning Autism. He’s a really sweet, smart little boy who loves to be outdoors, but doesn’t have a chance to get out and play the way most kids his age are able. He has no coordination with natural motor skills, add that to no safety awareness makes it hard to try to ride or have walks with myself and his family. He loves being outside and playing in the wind. It is a great way for him to release the emotional energy and frustration that comes with having Autism. I would love to be able to help him achieve some of that.

We’ve joined the Great Bike Giveaway in an effort to collect enough votes to win an adaptive bike. Today you can help give Carter the opportunity to ride a bike just like his friends and family do. It is also adjustable and will allow us to use it the rest of his life. I am so excited for him

Carter would LOVE to have a bike. He can’t ride a traditional bike. This may be our only chance to get a bike for Carter. Please take a few seconds to vote and help us get the most votes (or at least enough votes to qualify for a random drawing).Today you can help give Carter  the feeling of a little bit of freedom and independence -- all it takes is one click to vote.

Everyday I am inspired to help Carter be able to function in daily activities. The little things like getting ready for the day, brushing his teeth, putting on his clothes and shoes at 9 years old. It would be great to be able to take him for rides.

We appreciate all the love for Carter over the years. If you could help us get the word out to Vote for Carter for the Great Bike Giveaway, that would be awesome!!

Thank you all and Have a Great Day!!

Ken, Jenn, and Carter Grant

Carter has non verbal low functioning Autism. He is the youngest of 7 siblings and the only one with a disability. His brain does not communicate to his muscles for him to be coordinated enough to ride a bike, pedal or even scoot. Most of all he has no awareness of his surroundings. No reasoning to stop for cars. He is now 9 years old, 120 pounds, too heavy to carry and walk with the family. We long to be able to take Carter to all of our events. Mobile & sitting


Fundraising Progress
$7,155 raised of $6,500 goal


Recent Donations

1. Scott Moore
We love you, Grants, we hope this helps!
2. Jason Allan
3. Jodi Colville
I see bike rides in your future Carter!
4. Debbie Zarilla
Grandma and Goodsam love you so much Carter. You have changed my life forever.
5. Chelsea Grant
6. Christine Roberto
Go Carter!