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Angela Wright

Fundraising for Alexis D's Mobility & Access Duet

Thank you in advance to everyone who donates to Alexis. We have wanted to ride bikes together for a long time. -Angela Wright

Alexis is a special eight year old who loves the wind in her hair and lots of movement. She isn't typically able to enjoy those things day to day. This bike would enable her to have lots of adventures, and it can be adjusted for her growth, to last forever. Alexis loves to socialize, and would be very happy to ride around town, meeting new friends and showing them her cool bike. Please donate to this worthy cause.


raised of $4,396 goal

Recent Donations

1. In Memory of Edwin Hanechak
2. Angela Wright
3. Bill And Marji Wright
God bless!
4. John And Monica King
Good luck and happy cycling!!
5. Jennifer Wells
6. Chi Bui