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Ellen Scherer

Fundraising for Jackson S's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Hello! As many of you know, Jackson was born with a large brain bleed on his cerebellum that caused him to stop breathing shortly after birth. He has since been diagnosed with ataxic cerebral palsy. He currently uses an adaptive bike during his intensive physical therapy sessions and his PT has recently fitted him in hopes of getting him one for the upcoming summer. Insurance never covers the cost of adaptive bikes and they can cost up to $5,000. Jackson LOVES this bike and often races the other kids at PT in the hallways. He works so hard and deserves to have fun like any other toddler! Any contribution or even just a VOTE would be greatly appreciated.

My son has ataxic cerebral palsy. He was born full term, but stopped breathing about 3 hours after birth. It was later discovered that he had a large brain bleed on his cerebellum that was pushing on his brain stem. He has been doing therapy since he was 5 months old. He currently goes to Euro-therapies in Pontiac for intensive PT and speech. He has severe balance and coordination issues, but he uses an adaptive bike at therapy and his PT suggested he get one for the summer.


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