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Anna Gibson

Fundraising for Zachary G's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Hi everyone! Zachary has been working hard the past couple years to learn how to ride an adaptive bicycle in therapy. He has seen a lot of progress in his ability to pedal, but we are still trying to overcome his intellectual disability challenges that make it hard for him to fully grasp the concepts of riding along with overcoming endurance struggles. If he is able to get this adaptive tandem bicycle, we could continue practicing with the extra safety, strength, and knowledge of a parent/adult rider which would enable us to finally be able to take family bike rides, which our other boys desperately want as well.

For those wondering, Zachary has two rare chromosomal abnormalities, intellectual disability, language disorder, Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, PICA, and hypotonia. The combination makes gaining and retaining skills much more difficult for Zachary than typical children.

We appreciate all your support! Thank you!


Fundraising Progress
$90 raised of $2,500 goal


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1. Stacy Carpenter-Camhi
For Zachary. We love you!
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