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Danielle Napier

Fundraising for Willy R's Mobility and Access Duet

Willy is an incredibly sweet, silly, happy and brave little boy, born with FOXG1 syndrome, a rare neuro-developmental disorder and Epilepsy which impacts brain development and function.
He is dependent in all his needs, with full support, so a typical non-special needs bike is not an option.
Having access to this bike would be life-changing!
Willy loves the outdoors and going on adventures. He’s an active boy, and having mobility on a bike would bring endless smiles!
His happiness is contagious and it shows by his family and friends around him.
Every child should have the thrill of riding through their neighborhood streets with friends and family looking on.
Would you please make Willy’s world a little more brighter, faster and fun and help him win a bike?
If you’re comfortable, please share the link with friends and family, it would mean so much.
Thank you Kindly ♥️

Willy, like most 6 year old boys, loves the outdoors and the thrills for speed! However, there aren’t many opportunities in which allows him to gain speed and keeping up with his friends at play due to his diagnosis. Willy is dependent for sitting, standing, feeding, communicating and self care- all his needs. Having access to a bike would provide Willy with a new sense of freedom and fun-playing with friends and to explore new places such as our local Rail Trails!


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