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Revell Martin

Fundraising for Will M's Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

Will would love to have his own bike to tool around on and here's your chance to help make that dream come true by donating to the Great Bike Giveaway.
Any money we raise past the cost of the bike will be shared with other participants to help them reach their fundraising goal.
-Revell Martin

& year old Will would be over the moon to be able to explore the neighborhood with his older sister. He has access to a Rifton bike at school and does quite well riding, so it would be wonderful to give him that opportunity in the home setting as well


raised of $1,775 goal

Recent Donations

1. Anne Eunson
2. Ernest Ostro
3. Krista Lavelle
Congratulations Will!! We hope you enjoy riding your new bike??
4. Joe Tosolt
Go Will!!
5. Bryan Godfrey
6. Priscilla Conger
Happy Rides Will