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Logan Decamp

Fundraising for Logan D's Rifton Large

Logan is a former Plano High School student, known for his enormous smile and personality. A few years ago, Logan learned how to ride an adapted bike. He was able to joyfully ride it through the hallways and outdoors at school, greeting everyone he met.

Logan would absolutely love to have a bike to ride at home, now that he has graduated. Please help us reach this goal by voting now! We have until March 31st!

When Logan was in his last two years of school, he was introduced to a Rifton tricycle. Even though he has weakness on one side of his body, he was able to pedal the trike from the first session. After that, he made great improvement, and was eventually able to master steering the trike with one hand! (He even honked a horn while he was pedaling!) He truly loved riding the trike indoors and outside. Now that he is no longer in the school system, he does not have access to a trike.


Fundraising Progress
$610 raised of $3,200 goal


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