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Winifred Bediako

Fundraising for Joel A's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

My child Joel (affectionately called Jojo) was born prematurely. After he was born, he stayed in the NICU for 6 months, and came home with several medical challenges. Joel cannot walk and uses a wheelchair to navigate the environment around him. He sees his physical therapist once a week who allows him to use their special equipment, one of them being a bike. From that experience, we observed that riding a bike is a great source of exercise for him and he enjoys it too! My family would be extremely grateful if you are willing to either vote or donate, so Joel has a chance of getting a bike of his own!

My child was born prematured,and after staying in the NICU for 6months was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and other medical issues . He’s not walking and uses a wheelchair. He sees his PT once a week who lets him ride their bike and we saw that it’s a good source of exercise for him and he enjoys it too. But unfortunately for me I cannot afford it. I will be grateful if he can get a bike here to help him get his exercises at home.


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