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Cristina Brennan

Fundraising for Tristan B's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Please vote for Tristan to win his bike!

If you know Tristan, you know how sweet he is and that he loves being outdoors! This Giveaway gives Tristan the chance to have a special tandem bicycle so he can ride along with the family, and even learn how to pedal himself!!

We are NOT asking for donations. Just votes. Please vote and pass it on!

Thank you from the Brennans.

To learn more about STXPB1 Disorder, click here stxbp1disorders.org

Tristan’s STXBP1 disorder prevents his brain cells from communicating properly, leaving him profoundly intellectually disabled, and suffering with mobility issues, fine motor deficiencies, and a complete lack of safety awareness. But, with hard work, he makes progress!. His therapists believe that he could learn to pedal if given the right vehicle. We’ve tried many bikes and tricycles, but he needs a tandem version so we can help control the bike as he learns.


Fundraising Progress
$495 raised of $5,800 goal


Recent Donations

1. Kim Collins
2. Elizabeth Tortorello
3. Lauren Calhoun
4. Leslie Khafif
Wishing Tristan great success on his bike. Happy to donate for him! Leslie Khafif & family
6. Janet Spool
Good luck!