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Team Zain

Fundraising for Zainab J's Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!
-Team Zain

A bike would allow Zain have a sense of inclusion. She cheers on bike riders when she sees them riding along, it would build her confidence and allow her to do what she sees others do. Zain can use a bike for therapeutic purposes,helping her build strength, balance and better coordination. Zain uses an adaptive bike in therapy and she comes home and excitedly talks about riding her bike with her school PT Mrs Dunlap. Zain would simply be elated. Every kid should have a bike!


raised of $1,775 goal

Recent Donations

1. Monte Robinson
2. Renee Wilson
Boom! Get that bike baby! This makes me so happy and I truly can’t wait to see the smile on Zain’s face when she gets her new ride! Love you both very much and well done mama! xoxo Renee
3. Cicely Gardner
4. Mother Duck
Mommy love you ??
5. Grandma Marilynn
We getting ready to roll Mackie! Beep beep!
6. Lisa Mackins
Can't wait to see you ride your bike.