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Sandra Brummett

Fundraising for Taylor L's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Hello! As many of you know Taylor has been in a wheelchair since birth, but there is so more more to him than that. Taylor is 15 and much like the average 15 year old he likes to stay on the move. This adaptive bike would be a game changer for our whole family. Taylor has never owned a bike and has seen his younger brother have several. We try our best to go for "rides" when his brother is riding but as you can imagine pushing a chair on a road and keeping up with a bike only goes so far. Tay then only becomes frustrated when he can't go as fast or as long. Wheelchair wheels aren't meant for that. The exercise for legs and hips would be a most needed benefit as well. Please if you can't donate Please VOTE! Let's get our guy his 1st bike!

Taylor has been in a wheelchair since birth. It would be wonderful if he could go on a bike ride with his younger brother and also get some much needed exercise.


Fundraising Progress
$200 raised of $5,400 goal

Recent Donations

1. Alicia Kohout
Taylor and family! Sending you all BIG hugs from Wisconsin! Happy Riding!!
2. Bea Autry
I am Chance’s Grandma and always look forward to donating to one of Kari’s friends
3. Marie & Xander Kline
we hope this brings you so many opportunities Tay!!!!
4. Sandra Brummett