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Sarah Blauser

Fundraising for Sutton B's Mobo Cruiser Triton

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!
-Sarah Blauser

Our 9 year old is our hero. He learned to walk, endured major spinal surgery, then spent two months RELEARNING to walk all over again. When our son’s doctors spoke of their concern regarding his weight gain, our guy AGAIN worked SO hard to lose 35lbs and is now at a healthy BMI! He is able to walk, however his balance has suffered. Sutton uses training wheels on his bike and will use them for life. We want our 9 year old to have a bike he is proud of, not training wheels like his 5 yr old sister


raised of $325 goal

Recent Donations

1. Brad Blauser
Yay! Congrats Sutton!!
2. The Azevedos
3. The May Family
I can’t think of a better reward for all of his hard work!! ?????
4. Uncle Ben And Aunt Laura
Have fun Sutton!!
5. Darcee McKone
Have fun, kiddo! God bless you! You are such an incredible blessing, my young friend.
6. Tristan Barber
I wish we could do more!!