Sterling is a cheerful and loving 7-year old diagnosed with Autism and the AUTS2 Syndrome. She is non-verbal and has severe developmental delays, sleep disturbances, movement and balance disorders, and many other challenges. It is really difficult for her to control her body, and she has to work so much harder to do what most would think of as the simplest of tasks. Sterling favorite thing at physical therapy was using an adaptive bike. She laughs and smiles, unaware that she is working on developing the strength, lower extremity coordination, and reciprocal motor patterns that help her learn to walk independently. The bike we selected is the bike she can use safely. This bike would grow with Sterling, allowing her to use it for several years. Having the opportunity to bike daily would not only help her physical development, but would also facilitate social interaction and communication with her peers through the shared activity of bike riding. Please vote and/or donate for Sterling and help her experience the joy and independence of riding a bike that so many people take for granted. We would greatly appreciate if you would also share this link with your family and friends so they can help Sterling win her very own bike!