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Bongba Ange Patrick Kakou

Fundraising for Jose Ryan K's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

This cause is very dear to us, and we'll appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference!
-Jose Ryan & Joseph Ethan

Cette cause nous est très chère et nous apprécierons tout le soutien que nous pouvons obtenir! Ensemble nous pouvons faire la différence!
-Jose Ryan et Joseph Ethan

Ryan loves to be outside and enjoy the nature with his twin brother Joseph. He has a global developmental delay and we are working with him to improve ambulation through different PT exercises. This bike will help him learn to gain independence and increase his mobility. Riding and pedaling on his own will have a great positive impact on his gross motor skill, and above all this bike will allow him and his twin brother to enjoy the beautiful view of the Lake Ontario.


Thanks to all of you for this great gift.

Bike delivery


Hooray, we reached our goal. Thanks a lot to all of you and also to Friendship Circle. We excited to get riding over the Lake Ontario.


We are not so far, we reached 67% of our goal. It remains $908, so don't give up. As you see my blocks, this is the way we will reach the goal by merging our strengths. Thanks again


Together we can lift mountains. We reach 18.30 % of our goal in 1 week.


Ryan aime les balades et profiter du beaux paysage avec son frère jumeau Joseph. Ryan a un retard de développement global et nous travaillons présentement à améliorer sa stabilité dans la marche à travers différents exercices de physiothérapie. Ce vélo l'aidera à apprendre à devenir indépendant et à augmenter sa mobilité. Rouler et pédaler aura un grand impact positif sur sa motricité globale, et surtout ce vélo lui permettra, ainsi qu'à son frère jumeau, de profiter de la magnifique vue sur le lac Ontario.


raised of $2,775 goal

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Bro, on est ensemble. Dont give up, you and Pau. Tout ira bien avec les enfants. God bless.
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