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Cyndi White

Fundraising for Jacob W's Freedom Concepts Tandem

You all know how hard the Dude works to succeed, he just hasn't mastered bike riding yet and is too big for a trailer now. This bike would allow us to continue to enjoy our family rides together while he could still work on his pedaling steering and balance skills. While keeping his eye on the prize of eventual independent riding. We hope you will consider a small donation to assist us in achieving our goal.
- Kirk and Cyndi White

Jacob loves bike rides with his family. Since he was little he has ventured out with is in a trailer. But now he is too big for that. We have been working with him for years to learn to pedal on his own, but this is just one of those times his gross motor skill delays and motor planning delays are holding him back. This bike allows us to continue to enjoy family bike rides together without giving up on the work for him to learn to pedal on his own


raised of $5,250 goal

Recent Donations

1. Phyllis Hazekamp
"We are family" Relatives & friends. Amazing people giving from their hearts for Jacob & other kids to enjoy the outdoors & be with their family. Lv, UMA
2. David & Karen Van Buskirk
We are Ava Reynolds' grandparents. We hope Jacob loves his new bike!!
3. Roberta Grace
Ride, Jacob, Ride!
4. Declan Hennessy
5. Mary Pelo
Happy Riding!!!
6. Christina DeSoucey